Romantic destinations for wine lovers

In need of some Valentine’s Day inspiration? Nigel Buxton picks ten top romantic spots in Europe’s wine regions to share a bottle with that special someone

Romantic destinations for wine lovers: Graach-Schaferei

Graach-Schaferei, The Mosel, Germany

Dare we talk about a romantic grape? If so, then it is Riesling that overwhelmingly justifies the flight of fancy: Riesling rules in Graach, neighbour to Bernkastel in an 8km stretch on the middle Mosel of what Hugh Johnson thinks ‘may well be the largest vineyard of sustained superlative quality in the world’.

At Graach-Schaferei, above the village of Graach, Philipps-Eckstein is not only a highly respected producer, but the proprietor of a few guest rooms and a modest but very agreeable bistro: exactly the sort of thing one wants when the location and the contents of the bottle may be more important than what is on one’s plate (though here that is invariably very good). There are geraniums in boxes on the balconies and a terrace with heart-lifting views which are somehow a perfect match for a light, floral, elegant Mosel – a coincidence of pleasure which will give extra meaning to ‘the wine of the house’.

Hotel recommendation:

Wein und Gästehaus Philipps-Eckstein

Panoramastraße 11, 54470 Graach-Schäferei/Mosel, Germany. Tel: + 49 6531 6542

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