With its slogan 'the wine of kings, the king of wines', Château Gruaud Larose revels in its celebrated Second Growth status in the compact, cru classé-concentrated appellation of Saint-Julien, the smallest of the Médoc's famous regions. Gruaud Larose's 82 hectares of vines add up to almost 10% of all Saint-Julien's vineyards. On the occasion of ProWein, Germany's annual wine and spirits trade fair, Gruaud Larose general manager David Launay toured three cities between 18th and 20th March - at Sankt Moritz Restaurant in Berlin, Haerlin Restaurant in Hamburg and Wine Live in Düsseldorf - to hold vertical tastings for the German wine experts. Just over a week later, at Château Gruaud Larose on Wednesday 31st March during en primeur week, more vintages were served at another vertical tasting dinner, including a 1962 double magnum and a 1918 magnum. All tastings combined, 17 vintages stretching back to the end of trench warfare in Europe are featured. By Panos Kakaviatos


Written by Decanter