The UK's National Health Service has spoken out following a series of media articles claiming that drinking red wine may help people to lose weight.

Red wine calories: Health officials moved to quash hopes among wine lovers that their passion could have an unexpected health benefit.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found a link between mice being given resveratrol – a polyphenol found in grapes – and lower weight gain.

The research is one of several studies on resveratrol, which has been associated with a range of health benefits.

But, it remains unclear whether the amount of resveratrol in most red wines would be enough to have any health effect, particularly when set against the health risks of drinking too much alcohol.

With this specific research, ‘based on mice studies only, we don’t know whether resveratrol will have the same effect in people,’ said the NHS on its NHS Choices website.

‘And drinking plenty of red wine [as one headline claimed] will not lead you to lose weight – if anything the opposite will occur. A standard 75cl bottle of red wine contains around 570 calories, which is more than is found in two McDonald’s hamburgers,’ it added.

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  • Stick to trustworthy sources and get a decent healthy cookbook by your side like You can still drink wine from time to time if you’d like but you sure cant drop weight like this..

  • Cheyenne Jones

    Actually it isn’t the wine that causes you to lose weight, it is all the walking around afterwards to find your car that helps you lose weight.

  • Rhiannon Lisette

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  • Brian St. Pierre

    The original studies on resveratrol, done a couple of decades ago, were based on the use of grape juice. They were a good beginning, and have been built on by researchers using wine, and further research on other antioxidants has added useful information. Unfortunately, newspaper reporters skimming summaries of research to create provocative headlines and stories push the facts out of shape. Wine and food aren’t medicine. Seek moderation in all things, including reading the papers.

  • The key is moderation. A little wine can go a long way. No one said to drink 10 glasses a day. One glass every now and then is enough and will help a lot.

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