See the winning images for the Pink Lady Wine Photographer of the Year 2016...


Photographer Robert Holmes was awarded Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2016, the overall winner of the wine photography section in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016.

The wine section of the Pink Lady competition is split into three categories; Place, Produce and People. See the winning photographs from each category below:

Wine Photographer of the Year 2016: The winners

  • Jon Wyand

    Bob, its good to have the opinion of someone who actually shoots wine as widely as you do and can appreciate what has been achieved. Its one of those subjects that seems a gift but the obvious HAS been done and newcomers fall for the obvious. Put in the time, shoot a lot, keep your eyes peeled and learn about the work and reasons for it and you’ll get the best pictures others walk past. You’ll see more that did not make the final at A lot of inspiration there. Why not enter next year ?

  • Bob Dickey

    I take wine photos throughout the year–vineyards, harvest, press, bottles, glasses, pairings–and liked all these.. taken ones similar to several, but these are better. especially 1,2 and 4. never have taken one like 7; never expect to. like the pouring angle of 4; taken similar but that’s a difficult shot and got a good view. I think weakest are glasses in 5 and 10. taken many similar.. but these are good. All in all a very nice selection. are they the absolute best? somewhat subjective. but would have been happy to have taken any of them..congrats to all the photographers.. these are definitely photographs, not snapshots..

  • Jon Wyand

    Max, something of sweeping statement. I’m wondering what it is based on ?
    Seems you are unimpressed, I suggest you contact Pink Lady and offer your services as a judge. Or better still pick up a camera and show us how it should be done…. What you see reflects the judges, choice not the submissions. I doubt you have seen a Matt Wilson pic 10 times before. Why not post a few of your favourites on FB to illustrate your point…?
    Original is not always best btw, just new.
    Ossie, yes its great isn’t it, well spotted! That is my mission. See – you may enjoy it.
    Of course its all been shot a million times before :-)….

  • Max Hillebrand

    There is no one picture which was not taken a Million times before ….waiting for the wow picture…..

  • Ossie Sharon, M.S., R.D.

    It’s particularly wonderful that these show the workers who actually physically make the wine.