Do you think you could pass the WSET level 2 qualification like our journalists discovering wine? Get a better idea with our quiz below...


Take the WSET level 2 quiz (nb – questions not taken from official WSET exam papers):

These questions are based on the topics taught in the WSET level 2 qualification in wine and spirits. The questions are not endorsed by the WSET and are not based on the WSET level 2 exam.

  • Φάνας

    Your answer on Q10 contradicts what’s in the WSET book

  • Frenchwino

    Yeah I would test out of Levels 1 and 2 , but I’m doing masters work on the wines of the Rhone Valley currently. Not really impressed by WSET 2 credentials frankly

  • awineguy

    These questions are easy if you have a background in wine, often in the industry we assume that the average person knows much more than they really do.

    There is a Level I but it is so rudimentary as to be of little use, it’s really just a cash grab IMO. I work in the retail purchasing end of the business and when I see Level I on a resume all it indicates to me is that the respondent is interested enough to take some classes.

  • Nicolas Rezzouk

    These are easier than the real Level 2 IMO however, not that easy for someone who has never asked questions about wine. 99% of people have no idea about this stuff. Which is fine, but we should not forget what it is to not know about wine and not care that much.

    As per the title, this is Level 2. As logic follows, there is Level 1.

  • Fraser Bailey

    I got 100%. But come on, this is basic stuff. Surely you can’t get a certificate for knowing this stuff. Talk about dumbing down. Is WSET Level II the lowest level? I hope so.