Rosi Hanson

Rosi Hanson
Red Cabbage

Casserole of Red Cabbage & Apples FOR 6 PEOPLE 1 red cabbage, weighing about 1 kg (2 lb) 1 tablespoon sunflower or groundnut oil 2-3 tablespoons red wine vinegar 2-3…

Slow cooked beef

This recipe is based on the one used by Mme Brunier of Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe from ‘La Cuisine Provençale’ by J. B. Rebouil, thought of locally as the cooking…

Plum Tart

This open plum tart can use the yeast pastry or pâte sablée, a crumbly sweet pastry. These local plums are large, oval and dark-skinned: the sort that are used for…

Potato Gruyere gratin

Potato and Gruyère gratin recipe For 6 – 8 people Ingredients 1.5 kg (3 lb) firm-fleshed potatoes (belle de Fontenay type for preference) 500 g (1 lb) salted pork back-fat…

As her wine broking business nears its 35th anniversary, Becky Wasserman’s unofficial role as one of Burgundy’s most eloquent ambassadors is firmly cemented. She reflects on her journey with Rosi…

International Festival of Baroque Opera

Burgundy boasts three classic music festivals in and around many of the region's most famed sites

My Passion for Wine: Dr David Barlow

The consultant physician and cabaret guitarist regales Rosi hanson with tales of university imbibing, Pétrus at a steal, and all that Burgundy

Sally Ann Lasson: My Passion for Wine

The newspaper cartoonist loves talking about wine almost as much as reading about it – a pity her friends don’t, she tells Rosi Hanson

Mark Souhami – My Passion for wine

The former Dixons boss explains to ROSI HANSON that he has a very simple approach to wine: if it’s nice, drink it; if it’s not, sell it

David Chan – My Passion for wine

The New York Metropolitan Opera’s Burgundy-loving concertmaster tells ROSI HANSON about the parallels between music and wine

The Hospices de Beaune

There’s no better time to hit the cobbled streets of Beaune than for the Trois Glorieuses and its Hospices auction, says Rosi Hanson.

Women collectors

Producers have been criticised for aiming less complex wines at women. But when it comes to collecting wine, they’ve got a point, says ROSI HANSON

Simple Pleasures

Supertuscans may grace the wine lists of the world’s most elegant restaurants, but if you dine at the famed Bolgheri estates themselves, expect traditional, rustic home cooking, says Rosi Hanson…

My Passion For Wine: Bryn Terfel

Opera and wine seem to sit comfortably together – as evidenced by the tastes of the renowned Welsh baritone. Rosi Hanson met him

French farcis

The French have lost another wine tasting, and now its old-fashioned cuisine is under pressure from other food cultures. ROSI HANSON spots a way out for the country’s chefs

Rich Pickings

The life of a grape picker isn’t all chafed hands and back aches, you know. Rosi Hanson discovers that, thanks to free trips to the beach and wild parties dressed…

My passion for wine: Jeanette Winterson

Considering her fiercely religious, teetotal upbringing, it’s a wonder Jeanette Winterson likes wine at all, says ROSI HANSON. In fact, the novelist is positively evangelical about old vintages

Taking It Slowly

Carlo Petrini was tired of a world of mass-produced, tasteless food, so he started the Slow Food movement to celebrate quality over quantity. As a university dedicated to its principles…