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Grape Variety:Vernatsch


Franz Gojer, Glögglhof, Vernatsch alte Reben 2014


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Franz Gojer, Glögglhof, Vernatsch alte Reben, Alto Adige, Italy 2014

Fresh and perfumed with soft tannins giving it just the structure it needs.

Franz Gojer at Glögglhof was one of the few wineries who continued to grow local variety Vernatsch when local varieties were unpopular. Gojer used to sell the grapes off until the mid-1970s when he decided to bottle his own. Now, all of Gojer’s Vernatsch is grown on pergola. Although it is a reduced yield, much riper grapes are produced due to a larger canopy, which also provides shade.

Alc 12.5%

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Taster Walter Speller