Andrew Black

Born and educated in the UK, Andrew Black is a graduate of Sheffield University and began his career at a négociant house in Bordeaux working in English-speaking markets. 6 years later he returned to his home country to train as an English teacher for the business world.
In 1989 he joined the prestigious Pilgrims school at El Escorial, Madrid and became its director.
In 1993, he returned to Bordeaux to set up his own company teaching English at numerous prestigious châteaux, such as Pétrus, Margaux, Cheval Blanc, Ausone and Figeac.
Since 1998, he has divided his time between France and Spain, where he has given courses in most of the country’s appellations.
In 2006, he founded Premiere Presse, a newsletter which enables producers to communicate regularly in English with wine critics and importers.
In 2015, he created Rencontres Internationales Vignerons (RIV), which organises seminars in which prestigious wine producers in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal take part in technical exchanges.
In his spare time, he tends his tiny vineyard in Bordeaux, from which he produces one barrel a year.