Barnaby Eales, Wine Journalist

Barnaby Eales, in his own words: My nose and taste for wine developed as a teenager during my studies in France, notably on a flight to Paris, when British Airways apologised for an error by supplying me with Champagne. On holidays in Brittany, I would enjoy Muscadet with seafood after a swim. My news contributions to are more often, however, about Spain, that colourful, very diverse and thriving wine country, where I worked as a journalist for several years. I travelled across the Iberian peninsular during the regeneration period of independent vineyards, as a correspondent for Spain, France and Portugal. Based mainly in Barcelona, I was sent on assignments to Italy, Belgium, Malta, Turkey, India, Senegal, Morocco and Poland.  Other than Spain, I have lived in France, in the US and in Canada. I speak fluent French and Spanish, conversational Basque and Catalan, and I aim to improve my spoken Portuguese. This year I passed my WSET 3 and 2 exams at the Sussex Wine School in Brighton, and I will be starting my WSET 4 Diploma at Plumpton College in September. Having spent many years abroad, it is refreshing to live in Britain, my native country, during this effervescent period for English wine.