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The Spanish Wine Academy has been established by Rioja’s Ramón Bilbao to take readers on a journey of vinous discovery around Spain.

Established in the heart of Rioja in 1924, Ramón Bilbao today sources grapes from 180ha of owned vineyards and sources fruit from a further 900ha via long-term grower contracts. The appointment of Rodolfo Bastida as head winemaker in 1999 marked a new era in the company’s history. Rioja born-and-bred, Bastida believes in pushing viticultural boundaries, and letting the grapes he selects speak for themselves in his wines without being hidden by over-ageing and over-oaking.

It is this adventurous attitude that has seen Ramón Bilbao become one of the best-selling wineries and fastest-growing Rioja names in Spain.

Decanter has partnered with Ramón Bilbao to publish a series of articles from Spanish specialists and experts to help you dig deep into the distinctive styles of the different DOs; to learn about the characteristics of the various varietals found throughout the country, to understand the trends they’ve identified in the regions, and to get an inside track on the viticultural and winemaking techniques that make Spain one of the most prestigious and rewarding wine producing countries in the world.

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