Bordeaux: 2009 could be the next 2005

Bordeaux producers are cautiously optimistic about the 2009 vintage after a dry and warm season - already comparing it with 2005.

Expectations are high following a sunny and dry summer. While a little rain would be welcome, they are praying September does not spoil what could be a great year.

Emmanuel Cruse, owner of Margaux property Château d’Issan told, ‘So far it’s the greatest season since 2005. We are crossing our fingers September will be as good as last year.’

Producers report red varieties are maturing faster than usual on both the Left and Right Bank.

Cruse added, ‘The Merlot grapes are aready tasty and we expect the beginning of the harvest to be much earlier than expected – perhaps the 15-20 September. The Cabernet Sauvignon is not far behind.’

Gavin Quinney, owner of Entre-deux-Mers estate, Château Bauduc, was one of the many that suffered hail damage in May.

‘If I hadn’t have lost 80% of my crop I would have been jubilant about the season. The weather has been unbelievably good,’ he said.

St Emilion, on the Right Bank, was the worst affected by May’s hailstorms but Château Teyssier escaped damage. Owner Jonathan Malthus said, ‘In terms of volumes and quality we are in the best position since 2005.’

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