Cup-a-wine Froglet: CORRECTION

On 20 August we published the story below, entitled ‘Cup-a-wine Froglet takes gold at DWWA’.

In this story we gave the impression that the Decanter World Wine Awards tasting panel tasted Le Froglet Shiraz in the single-serve plastic goblet.

The panel did indeed taste Le Froglet Shiraz 2009, but from a standard 75cl bottle.

The blend in the the plastic cup is the same as that in the bottle but with certain differences, as Marks & Spencer has made clear.

Marks & Spencer winemaker Belinda Kleinig told, ‘the goblet wine has minor amendments in the form of acidity and CO2 levels. The filling process also differs, obviously.’

Original story: Cup-a-wine Froglet takes gold at DWWA

The red wine sealed in high street retailer Marks & Spencer’s new cup-a-wine range has struck gold at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards.

Le Froglet Shiraz, which costs £5.49 a bottle, competed against 10,983 wines from around the world and was one of 208 entries that won a gold medal.

The cup-a-wine concept hit the headlines when high street retailer Marks & Spencer launched the range, brainchild of Dragon’s Den reject James Nash.

The 187ml, single-serve cup costs £2.25.

Decanter editor Guy Woodward said: ‘The bottle is a great value find. It’s fragrant and complex, with lots of dark fruit and savoury chocolate. The plastic glass version is a great idea, but given that the bottled version has a screwcap, won a gold medal and works out cheaper per serve, I’d probably buy a bottle and find my own glasses.’

The full results of the 2010 Decanter World Wine awards will go live on at 10pm on Wednesday 1 September.

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