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The Decanter Quiz, 11/03/11 – Answers

Match these answers to your score for this week's Decanter Quiz.

According to Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine, the wine Opimian from Roman vintage of 121BC kept so well it was still being drunk 125 years later. True or False?

Astonishingly, it’s true.

How many grape varieties are permitted in the making of Bordeaux wine?

14. Although, in practice, around eight are used; five black and three white.

Name the odd one out.

They’re all french wine regions in Bordeaux although Cotes de Blaye is on the other side of the river.

In Europe, ‘Veraison’ generally happens in August. True or False?


To which chateau does this label belong?

Chateau Leoville Barton.

According to Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine, a New Zealand Pinot Noir should ideally be served at what temperature? (degrees celcius)

13 – 15 degrees celcius. However, many of us prefer different temperatures for our wine, this is just a guide.

The label on a bottle of Chateau Beychevelle has a viking ship on it. True or False?

Most definitely, true.

Which of these Chateaux is a fifth growth?

Chateau du Tertre, in Margaux.

What is the average age of the vines at Chateau Rauzan-Segla in Margaux?

It’s a middle-aged vine of 35 years.

In the middle ages, Germany built vast barrels known as ‘tuns’ to hold their vintages. The ‘Heidelberg’ tun [pictured] held the equivalent of how many bottles?

19,000 bottles. The Heidelberg tun is currently on show at Heidelberg Castle, in Germany. Built in 1751, it’s the world’s largest wine barrel but was only rarely used for wine production. In fact, it’s so large that there was even an entire dance floor built on top of it.

Watch out next Friday for another Decanter Quiz and to find out if you do, indeed, know as much about wine as you first thought. Have a great weekend!

Written by Matt Chappell

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