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The Decanter Quiz – 18/03/11 – Answers

How did you do in this week's Decanter Quiz? Check your answers here.

What were up to a third of Margaret River Vineyards attacked by in January 2009?


Which grape varieties were planted at Bordeaux airport in 1997?

Merlot and Chardonnay, believe it or not!

The ‘brush’ is which part of a grape?

It’s the part of the stem that sits inside the flesh of the grape when it’s attached to the vine. However, when the grape is picked, it stays attached to the main body of the vine.

The Gewurztraminer grape has the German prefix, ‘Gewurz’. But what does it mean?

Spiced. It was decided that the grape had such a strong aroma that it deserved the prefix, ‘gewurz’.

What does a portable spectrometer do?

A portable spectrometer analyses the sugar level in the juice of a grape picked out in the vineyard.

Grape juice contains 0.01% – 0.2% of what?

Nitrogen. Water is the largest constituent in grape juice with over 70% whilst Nitrogen only makes up 0.2%.

The original home of the grape Zinfandel is where?

California. Under the name Primitivo, this grape originates from Italy but California is it’s natural home when known as Zinfandel.

In the context of wine, what does ABC stand for?

Anything But Chardonnay. As a result of a consumer/grower frenzy, the Chardonnay grape variety became a common ingredient for a ‘dry white wine’. Consequently, the wine world has slightly tired of it’s over-availability coining the phrase, ‘Anything But Chardonnay’.

Pinot Grigio is known as what in Alsace?

Pinot Gris.

Thinking about vineyards, who is Scott Henry?

Scott Henry invented a new trellis growing system. He found that controlling growth was a primary challenge in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon, USA, because of it’s favourable conditions. His vines produced a dense canopy and an abundant amount of fruit. In order to discourage bunch rot and maintain the fruit, he used four canes per plant instead of the customary two. Thus the ‘Scott Henry Trellis System’ was born.

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Written by Matt Chappell

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