Was the WSET level 2 quiz too easy for you, think you could be an MW? Take our advanced level wine terms quiz and find out if you know as much as the experts.

Take the advanced level wine terms quiz:

  • Urvo Ugandi

    Got 70, also thought that Ezerjo is from Slovenia, then Neheleschol was something from Dutch fand Milgranet never hearded before – was wrong guess 🙂

  • Tomasz Kolecki

    I was more than sure that Ezerjo comes from Slovenia. Eeeh…

  • Andrew Scott

    80% – Never heard of Neheleschol but it sounded Dutch to me… and a wine produced in Netherlands would indeed be rare!

  • Tim Carlisle


  • Anastasia Saratura

    40%.. there is always room for improvement..

  • Michael Donohue

    Bravo, these were tough mostly

  • scott stevens

    50%, but it’s a small sample of questions to use.

  • Fraser Bailey

    That’s more like it. 60%. But a couple of lucky guesses.