The Decanter Power List 2013

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12 Yang Wenhua (–)
Managing director, C&D Wines, 43
C&D Wines is the beverage arm of the huge C&D conglomerate, one of the top 100 Chinese listed companies. Yang started C&D Wines in 1998, transforming it from a grain spirit distributor into China’s biggest wine importer. Organised into 44 business divisions covering every Chinese province, it brings in 12 million bottles a year. In 2009 C&D secured agencies from 13 Bordeaux cru classés, cementing these in 2010 with listings of the five first growths. It may dominate Chinese imports, but there rocky times loom as the market softens and China’s government clamps down on the lucrative gifting market. C&D Wines saw profits rise 4.6% in the first quarter of 2013, but growth is slowing: the company lost CNY150m (US$24.2m) in the first quarter of 2013. But as the government cracks down on corruption and fakes, it expects more high-end foreign producers to enter the Chinese market; when they do, C&D will be there to help.