How to Handle a Wine with Hugh Johnson

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Hugh John How to Handle a Wine

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Episode 1 - How to open a wine bottle, corks and corkscrews
Now live: Episode 2 - How to extract a broken cork
Now live: Episode 3 - How to open a Champagne bottle
Now live: Episode 4 - How to choose a good wine glass
Now live: Episode 5 - How to store wine
Now live: Episode 6 - How to tell the age of wine
Now live: Episode 7 - How to decant wine
Now live: Episode 8 - How to use Port tongs
Now live: Episode 9 - How to serve wine at the right temperature
Now live: Episode 10 - How to choose wine at a restaurant

The series has been fully updated with an introduction by a modern-day Hugh, and starts exclusively on on 6 December, with Episode One. Episodes 2-10 will be released every weekday until 17 December.

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