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Clop Wines vision is to create small lots of high-quality wines thoughtfully tended throughout the winemaking process. The number one priority was to find the best site for the production of premium wines of great depth and unique personality.

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Clop Wines; Exceptional terroir personality from Agrelo and Uco Valley

Clop Wines owns vineyards in Agrelo and Los Álamos, two of the most recognized regions in Mendoza, Argentina for their climate, altitude, soil, water and quality of grapes.

Apart from their own production, the winery purchases grapes from local producers located in Altamira and Agua Amarga, Valle de Uco, terroir that is well-known for its grapes’ expressiveness.

Clop wines

We are currently seeking for new partners mainly in the USA, the UK, Russia, Brazil and China to expand our sales for a long term relationship. Therefore, we are planning a construction of a new winery in Agrelo to produce exclusive wines with unique character from Uco Valley and Agrelo.

Clop Wines lines


The soil and climate of the regions allow making these young, fresh and fruity wines. Elaborated to distinguish the unique characteristics of each grape variety.

Clop wines


Made from carefully selected grapes and aged in oak barrels to give a delicate wood component and emphasis on fruit expression.

Clop wines

Blend of terroirs

Represents Clop Wines top expression.This wine is made from Malbec (Agua Amarga), Cabernet Sauvignon (Lunlunta) and Cabernet Franc (Paraje Altamira) grapes.

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