DWWA judge profile: Arabella Woodrow MW

Arabella Woodrow MW is a judge at the 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA)

Arabella Woodrow MW

Arabella Woodrow MW joined the wine trade in 1979 after leaving university with a BA and a D Phil in biochemistry. She worked first in the fine wine division of Harveys of Bristol, which gave her an excellent grounding in all the classic wine regions, and after taking the WSET higher certificate and diploma examinations in the early 1980s, Woodrow was awarded the Vintners’ Scholarship in 1983 and passed the MW exam in 1986.

Since then, Woodrow has worked in many different sectors of the trade and has been based in various locations from the south of England to Scotland. She currently resides in West Yorkshire, where she works from home, consulting for Broadland Wineries as their wine director.

Outside of work, Woodrow has been a keen sportswoman for a number of years and has run over 40 marathons and numerous triathlons, but her main athletic challenge currently lies in orienteering events.

Arabella Woodrow MW was first a DWWA judge in 2010.