Decanter Bordeaux Encounter guests name their favourite vintage spoke to visitors at last weekend’s Decanter Bordeaux Fine Wine Encounter for the 2005, 2009 and 2010 vintages and asked them to pick a favourite.


Mary-Elizabeth O’Neill (left) and Ayesha Kalaji: 2005

We enjoyed the Bordeaux 2005 vintage, it was fantastc. When we got here, we went straight to Domaine de Chevalier. The 2005s are ready to drink now and the young Bordeaux wines are way too harsh. We also liked the sweet and dessert wines, although the 2010s were quite harsh.

Welcome surprise of the day: Clos des Lunes 2013 (Mary Elizabeth – after reading Jane Anson’s column on Bordeaux dry whites), Haut Breton Larigaudiere 2009, 99% Cabernet Sauvignon (Ayesha).


Phil Ballett: 2010

My favourite has been 2010, for both whites and reds. For the reds, I enjoyed the flavour – the tannins aren’t too harsh, they’re at a nice, medium level for me. I would drink one at home. I often buy wine from my local independent retailer in Bournemouth – I do buy Bordeaux, but I haven’t bought en primeur.


Sharon Yang (left) and Jhane Chou: 2010

Jhane Chou: I like the fruitier wines, so I’ve enjoyed the St Emilions today. For the vintage, it really depends on the chateau. A lot of the 2010s have been good in general.

Sharon Yang: I’ve found a lot of the wines quite fruity and easy to taste – not too many tannins. I liked La Dominique for the reds and also Suduiraut (Sauternes).


Belen Fernandez, Martin Cibulskis (centre) and Llewelyn Mullooly: 2010

Martin C: I’ve liked the 2010s. I’m a New World drinker [from New Zealand] so I liked the boldness of the 2010 reds. They’re more fruit driven and they have more backbone – I think there’s good ageability. The 2005s are a more traditional, elegant style.
Jana Yell: 2005

I liked the 2005, and in paticular those from St Emilion, which were very smooth and well balanced. I thought the 2009 and 2010s were a bit closed, but the 2005s were drinking beautifully.


Zoe Knight (left) and Sharon Boyse-Smith: 2009

Zoe K: My favourite has been 2009. I think the wines are drinking well now and I just find that they are the most enjoyable. I don’t think the 2010s are quite ready yet. I was less keen on the 2005s, but we’ve just come ouf of the Angelus Masterclass and the exception to that was the Angelus 2005.


Darryl Cornelius: 2010

I thought the 2010s were more approachable. I’ve particularly liked Giscours and La Gaffeliere at today’s tasting. If I had to open a bottle then my choice would be 2010.


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The Encounter was devoted to three separate vintages, the 2005, 2009 and 2010, three of the best vintages of recent times

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