How long does bag in box wine last? – ask Decanter

Decanter's tasting team explain how long to keep your bag in box wine open....

How long does bag in box wine last? – ask Decanter

One of the advantages of bag in box wine, as well as being lighter and easier to carry and store, is that the wines can last for much longer.

In general, it will state somewhere on the box roughly how long it will last – with some stating they can last up to six weeks after opening.

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Wines in traditional bottles, however, can last between 3 – 7 days after opening, depending on the style of wine.

Once the wine has been opened, oxygen can interact with the wine and impact on the flavour.

This happens more slowly for bag in box wines, but boxes and pouches are not deemed suitable for ageing fine wines, because the plastic used is permeable and will cause the wine to oxidise over time.

Why box wines last longer than open bottles

‘The tap and plastic bag in bag in box wines help to prevent oxygen ingress, keeping the wine fresh once opened for a number of weeks,’ said James Button, Decanter’s digital wine sub editor.

‘The plastic is permeable on a microscopic level however, which explains why bag in box wines still have expiry dates, as the wine will become oxidised within a few months.’

‘Despite what some say on their packaging, I would say keep them for three – four weeks at absolute maximum.’

‘I would probably keep the bag in box wines in the fridge (even the reds), like I do for an opened bottle of wine,’ said Christelle Guibert, Decanter’s tastings director.

‘Most red wines in bag in box are probably best enjoyed slightly chilled anyway!’

According to a study from Laithwaite’s Wine earlier this year, the average UK household throws away an average of two glasses of wine a week, because people think it is no longer fit to drink.

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