How to cool wine in a hurry – ask Decanter

What's the quickest way to cool a bottle of wine? Xavier Rousset MS shares some tips with Decanter...

How to cool wine – ask Decanter

Harry Dunn, from Liverpool, asks: What is the quickest and most effective way of cooling a warm bottle of wine? Should I use an ice bucket or a jacket from the freezer?

Xavier Rousset MS, sommelier and restaurateur, replies:

You can wrap the bottle in a wet cloth then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Or use plenty of ice cubes (ideally crushed ice) in a bucket with some cold water and lots of salt [yes, salt]. Make sure the bottle is submerged to the top to be more efficient. Your wine should be cool in about 15 minutes.

Ice jackets are good to keep an already cold wine at a constant cool temperature but not as efficient in quickly cooling a wine down.

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