Kosher wine

Made according to the traditions of the Jewish faith and under the supervision of a rabbi.  All are made by special crews whose duties begin with delivered grapes and end with bottling. These field and cellar hands, overseen by rabbis, follow production rules that let religious Jews use the wines.

Wineries known to make a Kosher bottling are: Laurent-Perrier brut non-vintage Champagne; Châteaux Clarke, Giscours, Léoville-Poyferré, Pontet-Canet; and St-Emilion garagiste Valandraud.

The most well known wineries that produce Kosher wines every year are Capçanes in Catalunya, Spain and Covenant in California.

Mang Israeli producers make kosher wine and some of the best are: Carmel, Yarden, and Yatir.

The Mevushal process is where wines must be flash pasteurised to 175 °F/80 °C. Most Kosher wines are not made this way.

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