English Oak, Engelmann, Dorset, England, 2009



  • Drink: 2013 - 2016


English Oak

Richard Hemming

Tasting: UK Sparkling

Sour apple fruit, very marked acidity. Harsh, ascerbic finish – hasn’t controlled the acid.

Justin Howard-Sneyd

Tasting: UK Sparkling

Noticeable faint rose tinge due to black grapes. Attractive, fresh nose.. Very clean, and very expressive, fruit dominated style, with lovely acidity

Stephen Skelton

Tasting: UK Sparkling

Neutral nose and on the palate, the acid dominates. Not showing the typical 2009 ripe fruit characters.


Wine name: Engelmann
Wine classification:
Wine alcohol content: 12%
Wine colour: White
Wine vintage: 2009
Price: £24.99
Wine style: Sparkling
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England
Subregion: Dorset