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Montes: The re-invention of a classic in Chile

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Montes is one of South America’s most prominent brands, making some of the wine world’s most instantly recognisable products and effortlessly succeeding as a trusted winemaker, in Chile and in Argentina.

Montes is always innovating, and the focus is on two new ranges – Montes Twins and Montes Outer Limits – to fit the sector of demand for wines that are easily approached, fun to drink, and exciting at the same time. Gone are the considerations about when the right moment is to drink a complex, slowly evolving wine from the cellar. Instead, these are wines to be drunk now and enjoyed now. And they both have fascinating concepts and unique characteristics behind them.

Montes Twins

Montes Twins is a non-traditional blend in a traditional family, the Montes family. The label illustrates this: not one but two angels are on it, depicted in radically different styles and showing the amalgamation of the traditional Montes angel and another more edgy angel that unfolds from the traditional one.

Why “Twins”? Literally because there are two wine concepts blended in the same bottle. As the back label says: “This bottle contains both a fine, traditional Montes wine and a more relaxed, fun Montes wine. This is Twins: two Montes personalities mixed together to create a very special blend. Unleash your most playful, daring side with this mix of red wines. Perfect to enjoy with red meat, pasta, pizza, friends and naturally in the company of #yourOtherSelf.

Montes Twins

Montes Outer Limits

In terms of terroir and wine style the other new range, Montes Outer Limits, is something completely different, from a new frontier and often using new grape varieties.

Three out of the five varieties used – Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah – come from the extraordinary territory of Zapallar, just 7 kms from the Pacific Ocean and located in the northern part of the Aconcagua Costa winemaking region. Viña Montes is the only winery with vines planted in this new D.O., characterised by cool, cloudy summer mornings, with sun at midday, and afternoons that see clouds reappearing with low temperatures. These conditions favour a slow ripening for the grape, allowing them to develop complexity and powerful aromas.

Montes Outer Limits appeals to all who like adventures, risks, and challenges, everyone who likes to discover new things. It’s an invitation to enjoy an experience of intense aromas and flavours, full of new sensations and emotions.

Zapallar, as far away as it is, is not necessarily the end of the journey. Look out for further news about the new vineyards in the far south, at Chiloe. This truly is “beyond the limits” of viticulture in Chile.


Montes has always been concerned with sustainability, right from the foundation of the original winery. This too, is made more explicit and incorporated into the marketing of some of the new products. The Montes Twins range, for example, has been chosen to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability. The label is 100% recyclable paper, the bottle is a lighter model using less glass, etc. All this is explained on the back label in a very simple way. Montes knows that “younger spirits” are very interested in this type of initiative, and that’s why a range of wines created for them has been used to demonstrate the company’s belief in sustainability.

Of course, sustainability at Montes goes much deeper than a single range of wines, it’s an ingrained pat of the DNA of the brand that has been so much part of regular life that it has often been taken for granted. Now it can be seen working in practice in this particular initiative, just as it does throughout, in the vineyards, estates, wineries, and offices, as well as in the wines.

Challenges are part of the Montes way of life. Making wines more approachable, but exciting and quality-orientated at the same time. Making sustainability part of the message as well as part of the practice. Making new types of wines, maybe vegan, maybe alcohol-free. Emphasis on the digital. Striving to achieve excellence in everything the company does. This is Montes.

Montes Twins

Montes Twins – A delightful blend

It may be that the blend of the four varietals involved is designed to give freshness, intensity and silkiness. But that is not as important as the fact that this is a wine to be shared with friends, without fuss; chatting, or at a barbecue, or with a slice of pizza.

Montes Outer Limits

Montes Outer Limits Montes’ adventurous side

A new line of Montes wines from various unique terroirs in Chile – Zapallar, Colchagua and Itata – created to reflect experience and innovative vision. Five grape varieties, from a fresh Pinot Noir to an extravagant Cinsault and a powerful Syrah.

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