A much smaller vintage than usual due to arid conditions. Some better than average wines, particularly its signature grape Tannat. Canelones-based winery Juanico reports: ‘The balance in acidity, colours and tannins marks an excellent vintage. Tannats reached spectacular ripeness in the skin and seeds ensuring superb wines for laying down.’


The major wine growing regions of San Jose and Canelones, experienced a dry winter, followed by little rain in the spring and summer. Statistics reveal 87% less rain fell than on average. This slowed growth to a halt in December and caused significant stress. Conditions at veraison and during ripening improved with a little rain and cooler-than-average temperatures allowing a long maturation favouring the development of aromatics and retention of acidity.


While national production figures have not yet been published, volumes will be lower than in the previous years due to the dry conditions.

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