Fiona Beckett

Restaurant review: delle Antiche Contrade

I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of Cuneo until four weeks ago. Happily it seems nor has anyone else. It’s the most unspoilt Italian town of its size I’ve…

Black & Blue

How does the cut and preparation of a steak change the best wine pairing? FIONA BECKETT and her son Will attempt to find common ground

Crustacean Sensations

Love seafood but can’t find the perfect wine for your lobster thermidor? No need to shell out – think young and dry, says FIONA BECKETT

Gault Millau promotes unknown as top chef

Gault Millau has rocked the French culinary establishment by nominating the practically unknown Jean-Luc Rabanel as chef of the year in its 2008 guide.

foie gras

Over the years, Fiona Beckett has found a match for pretty much every food or wine imaginable. Here are her all-time favourite pairings

Don’t Panic

A dinner party guest suddenly announces that they are vegetarian. Fear not, it is possible to find a wine to match – in fact many veggie dishes pair surprisingly well…

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

What you see isn’t always what you get – these yoghurts taste the same. So how do you taste food – and wine – without prejudice? Fiona Beckett tests her…

Cru Classe With Your Burger, Madam?

Do you keep treasured bottles for special occasions only? Relax, says Fiona Beckett, and crack one open with a treat from the takeaway

Real Riojanos

Spanish winemaker Maria Martinez and her husband Pedro, a chef, are as passionate about sourcing the best ingredients as they are about cooking them. fiona beckett visits the couple in…

French Fancy

Michel Roux Jr of London’s Le Gavroche restaurant has put his inherent knowledge of wine and family tradition of cuisine to good use with a book about wine and food…

Easy Does It

Christmas shouldn’t be spent worrying about the effects of over-indulging. Fiona Beckett talks Atkins, prunes and armagnac with Henry Harris, chef and owner of London’s Racine, and challenges him to…

Sublime Dining

Revered chef Alain Senderens has transformed the menu of three Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant Lucas Carton by leading with the wines. His painstaking attention to food and wine matching makes for…

Child’s Play In The Kitchen

Revered American chef Alice Waters is determined to get children involved in cooking real food. FIONA BECKETT meets a woman on a mission.

Eastern Fusion

The lively acidity, richness and flavours of Alsace wines make them the perfect partner for Asian food, says FIONA BECKETT