DWWA judge profile: Angelo Sabbadin

Angelo Sabbadin is a judge at the 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA)

Angelo Sabbadin

Angelo Sabbadin has been selecting wine for Ferro Distribuzione in Castelfranco Veneto since October 2013, and reviewing the wines of northern Italy for Comparini’s Best Italian Wines guidebook since 2012. He is the former wine director of three Michelin-starred Le Calandre restaurant, and was born and raised outside the city of Padua in north-eastern Italy. His interest in wine began when he was stationed in the hills outside Gorizia, close to the Slovenian boarder, where he fell in love first with the vineyards and consequently with the local wines.

After working as a sommelier for 20 years in many of Padua’s top restaurants, Sabbadin joined the wine team at Le Calandre in 2006 and gradually worked his way up from cellar manager to wine buyer for all six of the Alajmo family restaurants, including Gran Caffe and Ristorante Quadri in St. Mark’s Square, Venice.

In January 2010, Sabbadin redesigned the wine list at Le Calandre, organising it by grape variety rather than region, and formatting it for the iPad. His hard work did not go unnoticed as he was named Sommelier of the Year in 2011 in Italy’s Espresso wine guide.

Angelo Sabbadin was first a judge at the DWWA in 2013.