DWWA judge profile: Demetri Walters MW

Demetri Walters MW is a judge at the at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA)

Demetri Walters MW profile:

For Demetri Walters MW, the seeds of his long-standing appreciation of wine were sown young. His grandfather in Cyprus had vineyards and he recalls from his childhood walking through them, and how romantic and fascinating it was. This appreciation of both the emotive nature of wine, and also the mud-on-boots aspect of viticulture inspires his vinous interest to this day.

Despite an early grounding in wine, his route into the trade was an unconventional one. However, he knew his real interest and enthusiasm lay with wine. Having joined Berry Bros. & Rudd some 14 years ago, he now fronts the Private Wine Events business, providing a knowledge resource to private and corporate clients via the medium of entertaining and educational wine-orientated events. In addition to this he teaches at the BB&R’s wine school via their series of brochure events as well as providing wine training for their on and off-trade clients.  Additionally he is a tutor/mentor to Master of Wine Students, and an international wine judge.

He likes to champion the wines of Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and fortified wines, and to evangelise about the small but pretty Hellenic wine selection at BB&R; a range that he created in the last 3 – 4 years.

Demetri Walters MW was first a judge at the DWWA in 2015.