DWWA 2011: International Trophy profiles

Find out more about the winners of the coveted international trophies...

The winners:

Sparkling over £10

Riesling over £10

Dry Aromatic under £10

Dry Aromatic over £10

Sauvignon Blanc under £10

Sauvignon Blanc over £10

Chardonnay under £10

Chardonnay over £10

White Single Varietal under £10

White Single Varietal over £10

Red Bordeaux Varietal under £10

Red Bordeaux Varietal over £10

Red Rhone Varietal under £10

Red Rhone Varietal over £10

Red Single Varietal under £10

Red Single Varietal over £10

Red Blend under £10

Red Blend over £10

Red Italian Varietal over £10

Red Spanish Varietal over £10

Pinot Noir over £10

Sweet over £10

Dry Fortified over £10

Sweet Fortified under £10

Sweet Fortified over £10

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Written by Matt Chappell