Red Burgundy 1967: Drink now

Wines were notably lighter than in 1966

Weather Conditions

Spring was unexceptional for the red Burgundy . A heavy frost early in May helped to restrict growth, leading to a small crop of well-developed fruit. July and August were very warm, but September saw 10 days of rain. By the time the harvest started, however, on the 2nd of October, the fine weather had returned. On the whole, the Chardonnay fared well under the conditions, producing better wines than the Pinot.

Best Appellations


Best Producers

This was a very mixed vintage all over the region. The best have elegance and finesse and are certainly very well made. Unfortunately the rest had over-chaptalised and the wines suffered as a result, going past their prime a lot faster than they would have done normally. The wines made by Robert Ampeau from Volnay-Santenots are the best of this year and region.