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Top vodka deals for Black Friday

With the festive season fast approaching, the deals are stacking up for some interesting vodkas from around the world. We've rounded up some of the top vodka deals below.

The spirit of the 21st century, Vodka as gained popularity in style and has become more and more premium.

With ‘deal’ season upon us, led by Christmas and Black Friday 2018, we’ve had a look at some of the top offers at different price levels.

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Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose

The first “Premium” vodka, and now part of the Barcardi portfolio, Grey Goose has its heritage in the US and also Cognac – so you can see where a premium vision might have come from, and it has fast become a best seller.

Stockist: Amazon

£25.00 – £39.00£14.00 offBuy Now

Kettel One

Ketel One Vodka

From 10th generation distillers – with over 300 years of expertise – comes one of the smoothest and cleanest vodkas on the market today. This Dutch vodka is distilled in small batches and made from 100% GMO-free European wheat. It has a crisp citrus flavour with notes of honey and a long and lively finish.  It makes a great cocktail but if you like your vodka neat this is a great choice, chilled or served over a little ice.

Stockist: Amazon

£20.00 – £26.88 – £6.88 offBuy Now


Belvedere Vodka

A high-quality vodka from Poland with an incredibly smooth texture owing to its four-times distillation process. Made from rye, it has a creaminess on the palate with notes of vanilla and white pepper along the edge giving it a spicy boost on the finish. It’s easy to see why this is a classic and well-loved vodka.

Stockist: Amazon

Magnum £99.94 – £118.56 – £18.62.00 offBuy Now

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

This Polish vodka is infused with Hierochloe Odorata grass, a unique variety grown in the Bialowieza Forest bordering Poland and Ukraine and the habitat of wild Polish bison. Distilled from rye, the spirit is strained through bunches of hand-harvested and dried grass, of which every bottle contains a single blade, giving the vodka a translucent, greenish colour and a herbal, aromatic and delicate taste. Notes of citrus, jasmine, black pepper and lavender can be detected. A great sipping vodka or mixed with ginger ale for something a little different.

Stockist: Waitrose 70cl

£20.00 – £23.00£3.00 offBuy Now

Stockist: Amazon 1l

£18.40 – £31.49 – £13.09 offBuy Now

Chase Original Potato Vodka

Chase Potato Vodka

Following the sale of Tyrell’s crisps, the family behind Chase built a distillery on their Herefordshire farm to use up their stock of unused, quality potatoes – 250 in every bottle to be precise. Small batch produced and three times distilled in a copper pot still called Fat Betty before the spirit is chill filtered and bottled by hand. This vodka has a smooth and creamy texture with flavours of apple, cracked black pepper and faint notes of aniseed. A characterful vodka with true provenance.

Stockist: Amazon

£30.00 – £37.00£7.00 offBuy Now

Our top discovery Vodkas

Here’s our vodka picks that might not be on deal, but are very much worth seeking out for their unique qualities.

Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka


This unique vodka is made in West Dorset from the whey of cow’s milk (the world’s first) rather than the traditional wheat, rye or potatoes. After the milk has been separated into curds and whey by dairy farmer Jason Barber, the whey is fermented into milk beer which is distilled and treated to a secret blending process. It is then triple filtered and hand-bottled. It has an incredibly smooth and creamy character with a thick mouthfeel. A must try, especially those looking for something a little unusual.

Stockist: Marks and Spencer

£26.00 – Buy Now

Bloomsbury Peated Vodka


If you want to try something a little different, this is the vodka worth splashing out on. Inspired by the peated whiskies of Islay, the southernmost island of the Scottish Hebrides, this unique spirit has the purity of high-quality vodka with the complexity of a single malt. Made in the first distillery in Bloomsbury in London for nearly three quarters of a century, it’s made from organic wheat that has been used in the peat-drying process during whisky production and distilled through hot and vacuum processes. On the palate there’s a smoked salt and sweet vanilla flavour with a hint of coconut along the edge. It has a long and lingering aftertaste and works well served in Cognac glasses.

Stockist: Harvey Nichols

£52.50 – Buy Now

Stolichnaya Elit Vodka


A premium Russian vodka made using a revolutionary freeze filtration technique, filtering the spirit at -18 degrees Celsius. This causes all impurities to freeze against the walls of the filtration tanks giving ultra-high levels of purity and making it one of the smoothest on the market. It has subtle flavours of creamy aniseed with a light spiciness and balanced dryness on the palate. A fantastic buy from one of the most prestigious vodka brands.

Stockist: Whisky Exchange

£39.95 – Buy Now

Updated 23/11/18

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