Wines from Vaud, Switzerland

This page is currently being sponsored by the Lake Geneva Region tourist office and content here originally appeared in the April 2019 issue of Decanter magazine.

The Canton Vaud is Switzerland’s second largest wine region and where a quarter of all Swiss wine is produced.

It is a jaw-droppingly beautiful area, especially around Lausanne and Vevey. On the North shores of Lake Geneva, it specialises in Chasselas, Gamay and Pinot Noir with 66% (2,498ha) of its vineyard area dedicated to white and 34% (1,286ha) to red.

The Lavaux vineyards were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their remarkable natural beauty in 2007.

About the Chasselas (Fendant) grape: Typically gives delicate, low-acid, low-alcohol wines with a slight CO2 prickle. Planted in prime sites, notably Lavaux, it can give wines of distinction and subtle depth.