DWWA Regional Italy Judging Panel

Meet the members of the DWWA Regional Italy Judging Panel

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Robert Giorgione is a London-based, independent wine, food and travel writer, blogger and award-winning sommelier. He has been in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years, including 15 years as a top-flight sommelier for Oxo Tower Restaurant, La Tante Claire, Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols and Orrery Restaurant. He has won and been nominated for the best wine list many times. Since 2006, Robert has been writing for the Borough Market and Marylebone Journal magazines. In 2009, Robert went to New Zealand to research his first book An Epicurean Odyssey: A Road Trip Around New Zealand, which he self-published in 2011 via Lulu.com. Robert’s knowledge and experience has enabled him to set up his own consultancy and roving sommelier social media business. You can connect with Robert at www.robertgiorgione.com and follow his tweets and updates on Twitter @rovingsommelier.