Worried about wine breaking when you are travelling? Wine storage expert Daniel Primack gives Decanter.com some handy tips.


Travelling with wine can be risky, but what if you’re coming back from a wine region and just can’t resist taking a bottle or three back with you?

Donald Mumford, Essex, asks: What is the safest way to pack wine in your luggage to prevent breakage?

Daniel Primack, for Decanter, replies: Wine bottles are extremely durable and it is rare for them to break inside a suitcase. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce the possibility.

First, do not over pack your suitcase and don’t sit on it to close it! Buy a one-use WineSkin, a sealable, bottle-shaped, leak-proof bubble wrap layer. Or a Jet Bag which is similar and reusable. Put the bottles in the centre of the case surrounded by clothes.

Lastly, if you have a number of special bottles, a wine suitcase holds 12 in dense foam cut outs within a customised real suitcase.

Daniel Primack of Winerackd is a specialist in wine service and storage equipment.

  • Frederick Meers

    I just buy boxes with styrofoam inserts and check them as baggage for the flight home. These cases are too much of a bother to take both ways. The boxes are durable enough to withstand a number of flights, if you should need to take them back and forth, or you can just ship them ahead, if it is cheaper that way.

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  • True. You can buy VinGardeValise easily by going to http://www.winebehindthelabel.org/product/vingardevalise/

  • WineStar

    Worse case ever, had a beautiful set of wines from my trip to South Africa and was all broken and ruined when I arrived back in Melbourne. Never again will trust this stupid product.

  • Marta Toledo

    There is an smart and comfortable option to travel with your wines, with no risk for you and your bottles.
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  • Marta Toledo

    Hey Warren,
    Have you seen the WINEFIT cases? Please, check it out and maybe you let us surprend you.


  • Warren Porter

    You would think that they would at least mention VinGarde Valise as the suitcase in question if they’re going to put a picture of one in the article. I have a few and absolutely love them. If I’m taking fewer than 12 bottles I remove some of the inserts and replace with my clothes. It’s a great product.