Are you as obsessive about Pinot Noir as Miles in the film Sideways? Test your knowledge of this international super grape with this week's quiz.


The Pinot Noir quiz: See below to test your knowledge.

Pinot Noir is one of the planet’s most loved grape varieties, with many winemakers trying to master its tempestuous nature and consumers very willing to drink their efforts. Pinot Noir is now found in every corner of the wine making world.

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  • Thanks David. Very well written comment – we’ve changed the wording of the question to make the current answer correct.

  • David Qvist Pears

    Hi Editorial Team
    But I don´t follow your argument for leaving Maranges out. According to their own association (BIVB,, Burgundians believe them to be part of the Côte de Beaune. Until 1989 (when the Maranges appellation was approved) the wines were sold as Côte de Beaune-Villages. Could it be that the maps you have in mind are old maps? In that case you are right, Batault-Morot (1861) does not include Maranges, nor does he include Saint-Romain and Saint-Aubin.
    Furthermore, your argument about different departements would mean that the Beaujolais vineyards of Chasselas, Leynes, Saint-Vérand and Chânes should not be included in the Beajolais when discussing the northernmost vineyards of that wine-producing region?
    Also, the question concerned the Côte de Beaune – not the Côte d’Or.
    And if we are going to break the question down into essentials, the question was “What is the Southern most appellation in the Côte de Beaune that makes wine from Pinot Noir?” And the answer to that question is, amusing as it may be, according to official maps Hautes Côtes de Beaune. An appellation that spreads from the northernmost village of Fussey to south of Cheilly-les-Maranges. However, I personally would not count HCdB, as it is commonly perceived to be what it above the actual Côte de Beaune.
    Lastly, the departemental argument begs the question of wether the Editorial Team believes that the terroir of the Côte de Beaune ends because of departemental boundaries or becase of the change in landscape south of the Cosanne.

  • Hi David, would you mind removing the correct answer from your post for people doing the quiz? Maranges was left of as although it’s still classified as part of the Côte de Beaune, they are not
    part of the Côte d’Or as they have moved into the Saône-et-Loire – many maps leave them off, so it was thought as being ambiguous.

  • David Qvist Pears

    Nice Quiz.

    However regarding Q4., the correct answer is “Maranges” and not “Santenay” – why is this not an option?

  • Fraser Bailey

    90%. Not bad.