Do you think you could beat Arvid Rosengren, the newly crowned best sommelier in the world? Take this week's Decanter quiz and find out.

Test your sommelier skills with the wine quiz below, and see how you might have fared in the recent world’s best sommelier competition in Argentina.

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  • Fraser Bailey

    I have drunk, and continue to drink, such wines on a regular basis.

    And always blind.

    I acknowledge, however, that the young and handsome bit presents more of a problem.

  • Thomas Jones

    You will need thousands to be able to afford the wines one needs to taste. Oh and be handsome and young for the judges.

  • Ahli Anggur

    But it is not an appellation. Beaune 1er cru is.

  • Fraser Bailey

    Yes, that’s what I assumed, although it’s a very ‘obvious’ answer. Surely a Master Sommelier test or whatever would be more rigorous than this.

  • Fraser Bailey

    Wow! 70%. First thing on a Monday morning. And it would have been more if I hadn’t considered one or two of the options to be too ‘obvious’, notably regarding the Argentinian malbec. Is this really the level for the Master Sommelier? Do they have multiple choice as well? If so, perhaps I will spend my aging years recommending and pouring wines in over priced restaurants for the vulgar and rich.

  • mfc


  • Carl McCarron

    Somehow in the context of other questions being about obscure northern European wine growing regions, North and South seemed too obvious 😉

  • mfc

    Oh, thanks. Re Spatburgunder: all the others were southern hemisphere, I thought.

  • Carl McCarron

    It has a small wine growing region. I got 90% but cannot figure why the Spatburgunder was the odd one out.

  • Colin Shaw

    Last time I checked Côte d’Or is composed of Côte de Beaune to the south and Côte de Nuits to the north.

  • mfc

    What does Hageland have to do with wine? I’d have got 100% if not for that question .. 🙁

  • Sergio Dominguez

    So Mallorca is a country???