See photos of the glittering wine gala dinner and charity auction jointly organised and hosted by Decanter and The Royal Opera House in London.

The event, held on 9 February, raised more than £250k for the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation, which strives to engage young people in the creative arts, offers apprenticeships and commissions new work.

  • anna landragin

    I don’t think the wines were near a refrigerator. Indeed they were transported in less than 10C temperature and probably on a new moon day, stored for a day or two in the building, shaken around by the staff before being poured out. Some major disturbance for a 26 year old wine! You could have left it alone in the glass for half an hour or so, then gently swirled holding in the palms of your hands to unlock the fruit. I have major problems with my wines this winter, but with patience and care they respond, eventually, sometimes the next day only.

  • Alan Butler79

    Great evening superb Opera recital, splendid menu and wines, but why serve Lafite-Rothschild straight out of the refrigerator? Very disappointing.