Step beyond the big names with Steven Spurrier and discover six chateaux producing some of the best value Bordeaux wine.

There are many unsung heroes of Bordeaux, but in choosing the best value Bordeaux wine châteaux I opted for estates with a long history that have produced consistent quality through thick and thin, often via many changes of ownership. Today, they fully deserve plaudits.

The wines of the six estates profiled below represent unquestionably good value Bordeaux. They are not all cheap – such is the level of financial investment needed to make the best of even the worst vintages – but nor are they expensive when compared to some of their higher flying neighbours.

Click on the links below to see full profiles of the chateaux listed.

Steven Spurrier’s six best value Bordeaux wine estates

When I owned a wine shop in Paris, I peddled the phrase rapport prix-plaisir or value-for-pleasure, which suits these wines perfectly.

When calling in samples for tasting, I requested just the 2010, a great vintage that these fine châteaux express so admirably – and at great value. But since their attention to detail and selection is currently at such a high level, each vintage is worthy of interest.

Rather than choose only little known Bordeaux chateaux, I decided that I would rather highlight those Bordeaux wine estates that have always made great quality wines.

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