Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

Producer Information

  • Wine region:  Bordeaux: Graves

Producer Description

The estate is situated on a hillock encompassing 72 hectares of contiguous land. Fifty-five hectares are planted with vines. The terrain consists of "günzien" gravely soil, which offers two remarkable characteristics: natural soil drainage that forces the vine stock roots to seek out water and mineral salts at a depth of over six meters below ground level, plus a "mirror effect" whereby the sun is reflected back off the pebbles that make up the gravel, fostering ripening and full grape development.

As early as 1365 the noble house of Bosq chose this land to plant with vines. In the eighteenth century the estate was bought by George Smith, a Scot who added his name to the property, had the Charterhouse built, and exported the renowned barrels of wine to England on his own ships. In 1856 Mr Duffour-Dubergier, mayor of Bordeaux and accomplished vine-grower, purchased Smith Haut-Lafitte and transformed it into a grand cru.

At the turn of the century the Maison Louis Eschenauer realized the exceptional quality of this wine and took over sales and distribution, before in 1958 purchasing the property outright. Since then major investments have been made, notably for construction of a top notch underground wine storehouse (chai) where over 2,000 barrels at any one time are undergoing élevage.

In 1990 Daniel CATHIARD fell in love with the vineyard and became the next in the prestigious line of owners, with the firm intention of continuing to enhance and improve this noble wine: his ongoing quest for excellence has led him to harmoniously blend the most modern vinification techniques (such as selective vineyard protection and airbag pressing) with traditional methods (egg white fining, 100% hand-picking...).

There is no doubt that the exemplary elegance of Smith Haut Lafitte reds, as well as the sophisticated bouquet of its whites renowned the world over, fully merit the daily care lavished upon them.

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Write to 33650 Martillac France
Telephone 05 57 83 11 22
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