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The best Asda wines this winter

Here are our top picks for winter 2018 from the UK supermarket's range, all reviewed by Decanter's expert tasting team...

Below are our recommended Asda wines from the retailer’s autumn/winter 2018 range, tasted by Decanter’s Tina Gellie recently.

Included are festive wine staples such as Champagne, Barolo, Amarone and a dessert wine, as well as great everyday drinkers such as the Extra Special Sauvignon Blanc.

There’s some serious value to be had in Asda’s ‘Extra Special’ own-label range, but if you can push the budget a little higher it’s also worth checking out their branded wines.

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The top 11 tasting notes are our latest recommendations. Continue scrolling down to see older Asda wine reviews.

The best Asda wines to buy this winter:


28/11/2017: Added 9 wines from the winter 2017 range

15/10/2018: Added 11 wines from the winter 2018 range

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