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Best value Sancerre under £15

See below for the best value Sancerre wines from the latest Decanter panel tasting of the 2015 vintage...

These Sancerre wines all scored an average of at least 90 points by Decanter‘s expert panel tasters: Jim Budd, Andy Howard MW and Chris Kissack.

The 2015 vintage is an attractive buy for consumers, said Andy Howard MW: ‘It’s an easy introduction to the joys of the region’s wines. It’s at the riper end of the spectrum but with that flinty minerality underneath.’

Best value Sancerre 2015:

More comments from this tasting:

‘No disrespect to New Zealand, South Africa or elsewhere, but Sancerre has something that sets it apart that the others can aspire to but can’t achieve. As Chablis does with Chardonnay,’ said Howard.

‘Sancerre has this really different approach to Sauvignon Blanc, which almost doesn’t make it taste like Sauvignon Blanc, so Sancerre is the brand rather than the variety being the driving force.’

Jim Budd emphasised this point: ‘Sancerre sells itself, so you could almost understand producers sitting back and not striving to do better. There are Sancerre producers who rest on their laurels, but that isn’t true for the appellation’s top names like Vincent Pinard, Henri Bourgeois, Alphonse Mellot, Vincent Delaporte and other young stars coming through,’ he said.

‘The best are pushing all the time, which is really impressive.’