Fiona Beckett

Rene Redzepi

René Redzepi, head chef of the ‘world’s best restaurant’, Noma, says he’s afraid of running out of steam and could leave to do other things

There are a number of reasons why you might not like Viajante, currently London's hippest - and most controversial - restaurant.

Olive Oil: Liquid Gold

fiona beckett visits Tuscany to see how making olive oil compares to making wine – and to find out why the top end oils are so expensive…

The perfume of cheese

A wine’s perfume – whether roses, cherry or spicy oak – entices us to take a sip. But would you eat a cheese this Christmas that smells like a rugby…

Turkey alternatives

…have goose instead. fiona beckett charts the renewed interest in this traditional festive bird, and explains why any old goose just won’t do

Pride of Place

FIONA BECKETT meets the oyster-obsessed Wright Brothers and learns that, when it comes to this favourite delicacy, origin is the key

Growing soon at a farm near you

Climate change means that non-native crops could thrive in the UK. But what will become of our traditional varieties, asks FIONA BECKETT

Foie gras

FIONA BECKETT finds out just what happens to a foie gras duck in order to produce this controversial delicacy Decanter magazine May 2008

Sommelier opens wine based restaurant

Trust a former World’s Best Sommelier to open a restaurant where what you eat is based on your choice of wines. FIONA BECKETT books a table

New French Michelin published

The 2008 Michelin Guide to France is about to be published – with new stars for Robuchon and the emergence of Toulouse as a new mecca for gourmets.

London loses lustre in new Michelin Guide

London’s status as one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting dining out cities took a knock today with the publication of the 2008 Michelin Guide to Great Britain and…

Restaurant review: delle Antiche Contrade

I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of Cuneo until four weeks ago. Happily it seems nor has anyone else. It’s the most unspoilt Italian town of its size I’ve…

Black & Blue

How does the cut and preparation of a steak change the best wine pairing? FIONA BECKETT and her son Will attempt to find common ground

Crustacean Sensations

Love seafood but can’t find the perfect wine for your lobster thermidor? No need to shell out – think young and dry, says FIONA BECKETT

Gault Millau promotes unknown as top chef

Gault Millau has rocked the French culinary establishment by nominating the practically unknown Jean-Luc Rabanel as chef of the year in its 2008 guide.

foie gras

Over the years, Fiona Beckett has found a match for pretty much every food or wine imaginable. Here are her all-time favourite pairings

Don’t Panic

A dinner party guest suddenly announces that they are vegetarian. Fear not, it is possible to find a wine to match – in fact many veggie dishes pair surprisingly well…