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DWWA 2013 South Africa Judging Panel

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Richard Kelley MW

Richard Kelley MW grew up in Leicester with tee-total parents and did not envisage a career in wine until he tasted the 1969 Gaston Huet Vouvray in 1981. The next six years saw Richard on a tour of vinous self-discovery, which included taking the WSET Diploma while working in wine sales for Grants of St James’s. Richard commenced his MW studies in 1993, the year in which the dissertation was introduced and, as a result, ended up in South Africa working the vintage as part of his studies on the importance of temperature in red wine making. He moved back to South Africa in 1995 to develop international markets for Vinimark, the country’s largest independent wine wholesaler, and after seven years of promoting Chenin Blanc, Richard returned to the UK to work with Richards Walford until 2011. Despite his relationship with the South African wine industry, Richard is a devout Francophile and has been passionate about the Loire ever since his tasting of the 1969 Gaston Huet Vouvray.

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Richard Kelley MW
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