Rich, fatty meats such as duck and goose demand more from a wine. See our recommendations and tips for a perfect pairing...

Updated in 2017 with fresh wine recommendations.

Goose and duck are both richer alternatives to the much more popular turkey at Christmas.

Goose is the traditional English bird for Christmas dinner, although it began to lose out to turkey in the UK during the Victorian era of the 19th Century.

Today, Britons collectively consume around 10 million turkeys at Christmas.

But, alternatives to turkey have made a comeback in recent years, partly fuelled by celebrity chefs and also by retailers in both the US and UK stocking more alternatives.

Whereas goose can feed your extended family with leftovers to spare, duck suits the more humbly-sized gathering while still offering rich flavours.

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When looking for wines to pair with these rich, fatty birds, you should focus on complex whites that can ‘cut through’ with their acidity, and medium bodied  reds that favour fruit over tannin.

We have made some great suggestions below but if you are set on picking something already in your collection, our tip would be to pick a mature Burgundy of either colour; Premier Cru level or above.

White examples

Aim for whites from cooler climates, which will have higher levels of acidity. Some residual sugar can help the wine to match the richness of the bird.

Red examples

Aim for reds that showcase losts of red fruit flavours, have lower levels of tannin and retain good levels of acidity.

Oh, and if you go decide to go for a rosé, pick something with bolder, juicy fruit flavours. The delicacy of a Provence rosé will not work here, whereas something Pinot Noir or Grenache based should do a much better job.

Christmas duck & goose wine picks:

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