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One particular style of sparkling wine is hitting the headlines more than any other: Prosecco.

In 2015, for the first time, it was reported that UK supermarket shoppers spent more on Prosecco than on Champagne. There were also scare stories of a looming Prosecco shortage, although this proved largely unfounded.

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Our love affair with Italy’s favourite fizz is certainly not new: I remember writing about how fashionable Prosecco was becoming more than a decade ago.

What is interesting to see, however, is the positive effect its continued popularity has had on other sparkling wine categories, forcing producers everywhere to up their game and diversify, and resulting in seriously interesting options at every price level.

Over time, Prosecco itself has broadened from the traditional light, floral and frothy, off-dry fizz we’ve all grown to know and love, to include artisanal, bottle-fermented dry examples, and everything in-between.

Choose Prosecco DOCG

As a rule of thumb, and whatever your budget, choose the Prosecco Superiore DOCG wines and remember that wines labelled Brut will be drier than Extra Dry, and that Spumante wines will be fizzier than those labelled Frizzante.

Wine writer and broadcaster Susie Barrie MW is the author of Mitchell Beazley’s Wine Made Easy: Champagne and Sparkling Wines.

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Tanners, Prosecco Brut, Veneto NV

With demand pushing supply, there has never been a better time to choose your Prosecco wisely, and this appealing house…

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Updated 10th November 2016

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