Maldonado: Discover wines from Uruguay’s coastal region

The influence of the nearby South Atlantic brings a different accent to the wines of the small but emerging region of Maldonado. Patricio Tapia highlights three top producers and five great wines...

Maldonado: Uruguay’s coastal region

Juan Bouza, the owner of Bodega Bouza in Uruguay, is a calm, softly spoken guy with kind manners. However, at the wheel of his small all-terrain jeep, with the sea breezes blowing in his hair, he seems to transform. We drive up and down the near-vertical paths in his vineyards at the foot of the Pan de Azúcar hill.

Tasting the wines of Maldonado:


Patricio Tapia is a regular Decanter contributor and the author of the annual Descorchados guide to the wines of South America

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