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What are the best Aldi wines to buy?

Decanter's Tastings team pick out their favourite wines for autumn and winter...

The ever-changing range of Aldi wines is well-worth seeking out. The discount retailer’s range has arguably gone from strength to strength since the launch of its e-commerce wine site back in January 2016, and it now offers a mix of seasonal selections plus a core year-round offering.

New for 2019 is Aldi’s Classic Icon range – a selection of more premium wines which cover many bases for any wine lover, including a white Rioja, an Austrian Grüner Veltliner and a Barbaresco.

While the majority of Aldi’s wines can be found both on the supermarket’s website and in-store, some are online exclusives and only available while stocks last.

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Decanter’s best Aldi wines:

The top 12 wines are from Aldi’s autumn/winter 2019 wine collection. The remaining wines are from older tastings but are still available.


Updated 26/3/2019: Added wines from the spring 2019 tasting (11 wines) and removed unavailable wines

Updated 03/10/2019: Added wines from the autumn/winter 2019 tasting (12 wines) and removed unavailable wines

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