It’s the grape that stars in some of the world’s most expensive and rare red wines when grown in its home territory of Burgundy. But, good Pinot is increasingly emerging from around the world. We bring you the best value Pinot Noirs from outside Burgundy…

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It’s quite clear that Pinot Noir can thrive throughout the world, and our expert tasters have appraised wines from the far reaches of the globe.

Climate, as much as terroir, accounts for this. There are sweet spots as remote from each other as the Casablanca Valley in Chile, Central Otago in New Zealand, and the cool coastal areas of South Africa. In these places, the combination of ideal microclimates and impassioned winemakers seems to deliver the most exciting wines.

Based on this tasting, our experts found that there was a wider gap between Burgundy and ‘the rest’ in the case of Pinot than there is for Chardonnay. Over centuries, Burgundian growers have distilled the experience of generations of monks and lay farmers. It’s too much to expect international Pinot to attain a comparable level in just a few decades. Burgundy’s Côte d’Or and its wines can’t simply be transplanted by copying winemaking techniques.

Yet setting aside the Burgundian model, there are wines from the world over to reward Pinot fanciers.

With the wines below all priced at £30 and under, there’s no reason not to venture out of Burgundy and sample what the New World has to offer. Several Oregon wines previously reviewed by Decanter have also been included in the list below.

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Best-value New World Pinot Noir wines

Grace Bridge, Pinot Noir 2013

Grace Bridge, Pinot Noir 2013

A good value Californian Pinot Noir, very drinkable with good expression of ripe strawberry and black cherry fruits.

Points 88