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Well-balanced, elegant vintage, now fully mature

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in 1981 resulted in the production of rather lean wines. Spring was unremarkable, but the flowering was successful, despite a lack of sunshine. Early summer was, again, rather cold and wet, although conditions improved in August, which was dry and sunny, and continued

through until late September, when heavy rains fell, bringing the harvest to a temporary halt.

Whites (sweet): The warm conditions from August onwards pushed sugar levels up, and the botrytis was well developed.

Best Appellations

Well-balanced, elegant vintage, now fully mature. Pomerol achieved generally better results than St Emilion although both produced a number of full-bodied, luscious wines.

Best Producers

(Pomerol) Certan de May, La Conseillante, Petrus, Vieux-Chateau-Certan stood out. (St Emilion) Cheval Blanc.